What Is ShowATL?

ShowATL is an organization designed for Atlanta's creators, whether they be artists, technologists, makers, or entrepreneurs. Our mission is to be a platform, an advocate, and above all, a community for Atlanta's creative voice.

So How Do We Do This?

ShowATL unites Atlanta's vast pool of creatives to propel and nurture the continued growth of art design, and technology in our city.   Atlanta is at the cusp of a cultural tipping point, fueled largely by those whose voices have taken  a back seat to the conversations shaping the city. ShowATL brings these voices to the center  stage, hands them a megaphone, and fosters a long-overdue dialogue between Atlanta and  those who continue to make it a force to be reckoned with.  We want to see the future of art, design, and technology built here.

Meet The Team

Corrigan Nolan and Parsa Behnamiri met in 2014, two young professionals eager to dive into their budding careers as hot shot corporate consultants for a large international consulting firm. The two Atlanta-area natives swiftly bonded over their mutual love for Atlanta and a friendship was formed, one that would take them all over the globe in pursuit of the corporate dream, the proverbial American success story of the C-suite executive. There was, however, a major problem with this narrative: with each passing day, the corporate dream served more as a reminder of what was missing…a greater involvement with and contribution to the community of creators in Atlanta. Over the years, job titles changed, but Parsa and Corrigan regularly met and continued to speak of creating a community to bring together Atlanta’s makers and creatives until…one fateful night in 2016 at Sister Louisa’s, with sangrias in hand in the crowded upstairs seating space, the idea of ShowATL was first uttered. With those words, a seed was planted that burned into the duo’s minds so fervently that, in the Fall of 2017, ShowATL was born with one goal: to be a platform, advocate, and community for Atlanta’s creative voice.

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